What is Online Advertising or Internet?

In principle, interactive advertising provides the following capabilities:

• Provide an advertising message to a passive
• Segment the target by more complex variables than traditional (surfing habits, routines of consultation, and specific interests.)
• Make brand exposure with fixed position on a site or e-mail
• Induce a mediate or immediate response by the recipient
• Maintain two-way communication with consumers
• Induce and facilitate the purchase through e-commerce

It also has a wide range of uses:

• Perform a mass communication, sending a flood of messages without being segmented
• A selective communication, sending messages for specific content of interest to the client sought
• a communication also allows one to one marketing through a database email
• It also makes it possible to perform creative promotions through interactions over the Internet.

Within these internet communication practices can be used to:

• Attract customers (branding)
• Acquire Customers
• Build brand loyalty


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