Native Ads Formats or Custom Ads Formats

Today see bad called Native Ads Formats, why? Simple: The Native Ads Formats are Javascripts.

The true Native Ads Formats are HTML, works with an API.

Hispanic Audience Index

Perfect for marketers

Women's Suiting
Women's Heels
Women's Boots
Women's Dress/Work Shoes
Women's Comfort/Walking Shoes
Handbags & Wallets
Women's Sweaters
Women's Flats
Women's Sandals
Women's Skirts
Women's Pants
Women's Dresses
Women's Outerwear
Women's Tops
Women's Shoes
Women's Clothing
Luxury Handbags & Wallets
Luxury Accessories
Women's Luxury Wear
Programming Software
Samsung Phones
AT&T Phones
Home Theater
Fantasy Games
Cell Phone
Smart Phones
Cell Phone Gadgets
Cell Phone Covers
Verizon Phones
Cell Phone Screen Protectors
Nintendo Console
Cell Phones
Home Service Providers
Online Games
Wii Console
Wii Games
Nintendo Games
Wii Games
Beauty and Health Products
Home Phone Service
Nintendo Games
Telecom Services
Tablet PC
Nintendo Console
HTC Phones
Video Consoles
PC Desktops
Computers & Software
Technology Information
Wii Console
Cell Phones Accessories
Jewelry & Watches
Clothing & Accessories
Cell Phone Chargers
Video Games
Video Games
Video Game Forum
Computers & Software
Playstation Games
Playstation console
Video Games
Playstation console
Video Games
Home & Garden
Health & Beauty
Video Consoles
Playstation Games

Remember us: Shut Up and Serve Ads

Russell Beattie points out that Google's terms of service requires that you not publicly discuss AdSense. Jason Kottke points out this "seems to fly in the face of Sergey Brin's Google rule #1: 'Don't be evil'." Cory Doctorow agrees saying "Google shouldn't ask all its users to submit to an unreasonable restriction on their speech in order to contain the spread of negative information about its service."

Meanwhile, other annoying provisions are that you can't: have multiple accounts (which is useful when you want to keep separate statistics for separate sites), talk to advertisers about their ads, disclose any results, get paid for anything Google considers "fradulent clicks", find out why they're considered "fraudulent clicks", pass on payments to anyone. And Google can cancel you whenever without a reason.

Erik Thauvin and Derek Powazek, both well-respected web writers, got their accounts and payments canceled for "fraudulent clicks", even though they didn't try to cheat. They ran ads for Google and now Google refuses to show them any evidence of wrongdoing or pay them for their space. Some suggest that Google simply cancels accounts when they payouts get too high to avoid paying.

*Update:* We previously reported that the don't-talk-about-AdSense provision was recently added. Several sources, including a Google employee, have said this is a mistake. We've corrected the story above and apologize for the error.

Posted by Aaron Swartz on October 03, 2003 02:51 PM

Thousands of pages indexed in Google will not make you earn more money

Some webmasters think that if they generate pages and pages with php or asp programming as your server, you pages indexed in Google, they will earn more money with Adsense.

This is false, we have tested a new site, this has just over 8000 pages indexed in google, is determined as follows, placing in the search:


with this Google gives results like this:

Results 1 - 10 of about 8.540 of (0.13 seconds)

In the Adsense account we see that the prints are more than 1000, but the profits do not exceed $ 10. monthly ......

So fill your website pages do not necessarily resditĂșa more money with Adsense.

While it is true that more pages indexed in Google provided and have more possibilidades of people in and click on your ads .. It is also true that the same information can be found on other pages which are already used to.

And to do? It is logical ...... deliver quality content, content that others have not mastered the subject ... if chewing gum (just an example) he speaks of it, gives tips, talk about the best chewing gum brands and flavors.

Internet is also the largest source of entertainment out there and people look for related topics and interests, and incredibly differentiated content delivery with fewer than 500 pages indexed in Google can do about $ 150 a month .... Working !

What is Online Advertising or Internet?

In principle, interactive advertising provides the following capabilities:

• Provide an advertising message to a passive
• Segment the target by more complex variables than traditional (surfing habits, routines of consultation, and specific interests.)
• Make brand exposure with fixed position on a site or e-mail
• Induce a mediate or immediate response by the recipient
• Maintain two-way communication with consumers
• Induce and facilitate the purchase through e-commerce

It also has a wide range of uses:

• Perform a mass communication, sending a flood of messages without being segmented
• A selective communication, sending messages for specific content of interest to the client sought
• a communication also allows one to one marketing through a database email
• It also makes it possible to perform creative promotions through interactions over the Internet.

Within these internet communication practices can be used to:

• Attract customers (branding)
• Acquire Customers
• Build brand loyalty

Truths about Blogs

It is undeniable that Bloggers have occupied an empty space in the media, blogs are used by people like us to express ourselves in any topic and its misuse is responsible for bad practices such as defamation or business advertising scams. Here are some truths, even if it hurts some and others will fill us with pride to be a "Blogger".

TRUTH: The bloggers or bloggers is one person who subscribes to a free or pay to have a blog, which is just a website with the ability of its owner can upload their articles (post) in the same way that you would when sending an email.

LIE: It is false that require high skills and time to open a blog. Simply having email to subscribe.

TRUTH: Blogs are a good distribution system, thanks to RSS, XMLRPC, directories and blogs with many links good software and make your backlink indexed in Google is very good, so to make our queries in search engines we will see many blogs on the results pages.

LIE: Big Hits, every blog has a set of statistics, but these reports do not mean exactly that visits the public read the articles of blogs, many times people find the blog in your searches on Google (or other) and enters page looking for information, seeing that's not what you want, leave the page.

TRUTH: In countries where freedom of expression is not allowed bloggers are considered almost as heroes for their noble task of providing what is happening in their country. Bloggers have information not normally released in the traditional media, so they are an alternative source of information.

LIE: All blogs are good: many blogs are advertising, some companies other bad people who are engaged in offering home business scam with high earnings, other blogs are used to defame those who do not like me.

LIE: Everyone read them, but does publish a blog that anyone can read it, how hard is that to read all the millions of users worldwide, a blog needs positioning strategies, something like a marketing campaign , having a blog does not guarantee that you will read throughout the country.

Truth: Making money, if it is true that you can make money with a blog, but for this to achieve the log has to be well known, read and found on search engines.

Be careful when shopping online

Many of us have seen great deals online, a LCD TV for half price, MP3, computers and a myriad of products, there are new and used.

However, care must be taken in two types of ads:

If Seller is foreing:

If so, the seller must give your address, street, number, district, and above all fixed telephone, with the latter figure walked into the White Pages telephone and verify that the phone corresponds to the address provided, do not rely on giving a cell phone and who knows where they are.

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